About Us

As a single mom myself, I understand the hardships that can come about and how a small act of kindness through financial aid, educational needs, mentorship and coaching can bring one out of darkness quickly. That's why in 2010 I started Grace-n-Action to be an encouraging supporter and assist those that feel helpless, embarrassed, depressed, and in the dark—a real opportunity to see the light and find their purpose again through Christ Jesus! Most women are "wired" in such a way that they put themselves last and therefore not only do they suffer, but so do their children. The stress and burdens of life should not have to be carried by the child in any way, shape or form. Grace-n-Action offers a hand-up to get single moms and their children back on a positive path in making healthy decisions in all areas of life. While Grace-n-Action's main focus is working with women and children in the United States, women and children from other countries may qualify to receive our support as well. Our goal is to show Christian love through our many levels of contribution and be a conduit for life transformation. We believe that women can make a larger impact on their families and in the world if they just have the proper resources.